suggestion: Zerg Gas Macro: Extractor Evolution

Both the Protoss and the Terran have a mechanic for increasing their mineral gathering rate. Archerofaiur proposes a Zerg resource mechanic to increase the rate at which they harvest gas.

(Zerg Structure, Evolved from Extractor, requires Lair)

Cost: 150 Minerals
Build Time: 20

Allows 5 Drones to harvest gas (instead of the usual 3)

Player has to sacrifice minerals to initiate the mutation. Since Drones can not harvest while the Extractor is mutating you are also sacrificing Gas for a period. This provides an interesting trade-off in exchange for greatly-increased Gas production down the road.

Posted by Archerofaiur@USEast on the Battle.net Forums.

This upgrade to a Harvester should cost a lot of minerals (maybe 200 or higher) though, for it to be taken as a conscious choice rather than a necessity. If it's only 50 or 100 minerals there's no reason anyone should skip on it, and it'd simply become a required chore.


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