Custom Unit Ideas: Zerg

Some crazy ideas for units to make with the SC2 Editor, mostly taken from a very old thread on the Battle.net forums before SC2's announcement.

not to be taken [too] seriously :p

Blade Maiden
From the flesh of captured Terran females that survived the decimation of the U.E.D. expedition, Kerrigan hopes to spawn more of her own vile kind...

  • Counterpart to the Protoss Dark Templar (powerful attacks, weak health) without the cloaking
  • Can burrow, to heal much faster.
  • Can Infest Terran Medics to clone themselves [this ideas was obviously from before the 'dics were cancelled, but if they're still available in the Editor...]

Evolved for more rapid colonization of all the newly conquered worlds now within the unchallenged Zerg sphere of influence...

  • A slow-moving structure/unit hybrid, looking sort of like some huge arachnid.
  • Can attack air units like an Spore Colony, & also ground units like a Sunken Colony.
  • Can Spawn Zerglings or Hydralisks anywhere, one at a time, but quicker than the Larvae do.
  • Can Mutate into a Hatchery.
  • so it's essentially a mini-Hatchery/Sunken/Spore combo...that moves.


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