Drones Morphing while holding Resources

Zerg Drones should subtract the value of whatever they're holding from the cost of the Structure they Morph into, instead of the held Resource vanishing into thin air for nothing.

For example, assuming Brood War stats, if a Drone is holding Minerals while Morphing into a Creep Colony, it would cost only 67 Minerals, instead of the usual 75.

The Zerg could use this slight advantage, considering they lose a worker in the process.

It could also help a LOT in the situations like losing your only Hatchery to a focused rush early in a team game, and surviving with 8-or-fewer Minerals short of 300, but still having a few Drones left with a mineral chunk in their mandibles.

Maybe the Terran SCVs and Protoss Probes could adapt this as well, after seeing how it plays out.