suggestion: Dynamic Music

Yeah, instead of a static soundtrack shuffled throughout the match, StarCraft II should have music that dynamically adapts to the situation, i.e.;
  • The opening.
  • "Calm" moments; no battle occurring anywhere in vision. Different music for day & night.
  • A small number of enemies spotted or attacking some other player.
  • A large number of enemies spotted by you or an ally.
  • Large number of enemies attacking you or being attacked by you.
  • Large number of enemies attacking an ally.
  • Large number of allied units on the move.
  • A large battle ending with you as the survivor (i.e. more of your units left than the enemy's)
  • Large battle ending with less units left on your side than on the enemy's.
  • Victoly!
    and so on.

Of course, each of those cues would have several different versions for each race.

Maybe this should be in Heart of the Swarm if it's too late to implement in Wings of Liberty without delaying the release.


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