Some obvious cheese/strategy to try in SC2

Here's a couple of the more obvious strategies/cheese/trolls everyone'll be sure to try in StarCraft II, that I can think of right away;

  • Sieging the enemy with a Terran Planetary Fortress. Lulz value: 4/5
Blocking the choke to their base or landing an SCV-loaded Command Center right inside an enemy base and upgrading it to a Planetary Fortress while they're busy elsewhere. This'll obviously require some support from other units. Add more CCs for an increased "WTF?" effect.

  • Attacking an enemy's resources from an inaccessible elevation with Protoss Collosi or Stalkers. Lulz value: 2/5
Heaven help a player whose main minerals are right under a cliff with little or no defenses, and the opponent goes straight for a fast Colossus or Blink-Stalker build. Zerg will have it easier to counter with Sunken Colonies, obviously, and Terran would probably have no problems once they have Siege Tanks, but it remains to be seen how much more effective the Colossi turn out once they upgrade to Hardened Shields.

  • Laying down two dozen Siege Tanks in an ally's base and threatening to take him out unless he pays tribute. (by Ghetto_overlord@Azeroth from the Battle.net Forums) Lulz value: 3/5

  • Protoss Warp-Prism rush. Lulz value: 3/5
as demonstrated in that video of "Sonkie vs Yellow" from BlizzCon 2008. We already have the Protoss Cannon rush, but when you add a flying Pylon to it that can transport units and summon Zealots almost instantly, you have potential for immense merriment if the victim has been careless.

  • The Mushroom Bomb; Hallucinating the enemy's own units with the Protoss Nullifier.
Although you could already do this in Brood War, it's too expensive and rare to be of any real use. SC2's Nullifiers however, look like they could put this trick to some effective results, with the reduced energy cost and the casters being more secure by having some offensive weaponry, unlike the sitting-duck High Templar of BW.

Lulz value: varies. Try casting it on the enemy's harvesters! Hilarity ensues when they're suddenly under attack by 8 or so of their own kind out of nowhere ^^ Combine with a Warp Prism drop for more effectiveness.

Pesky Terran Siege Tanks sitting on high ground pelting you with painful splash death? Hallucinate a nearby crowd of their Marines or whatever, and watch them go boom!

Strategic value: varies. This obviously depends on how ditsy the opponent is, but if they're Protoss, cloning their own units somewhere they're not paying attention will surely make them think that you're attacking, thus great for a decoy.

What's your plan?


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