suggestion: New Mining Mechanic

A poster on the Battle.net Forums had this interesting idea while "thinking of a way to make the races a bit more different" so he came up with this; Drones, SCVs, and Probes should all have different mining methods..

  • Terran SCVs: hold more minerals.
  • Protoss Probes: don't have to go back and forth between Minerals and Nexus, instead the minerals are Warped, but must obviously be near a Nexus to work. [sounds too much like the Night Elf Wisps from Warcraft III though.]
  • Zerg Drones: get a speed boost from Creep.

You will obviously have to tinker with the exact amount of Minerals picked up, but pretty much they all can have their own way of doing it.


Anonymous said...

It looks like Blizzard heard you for the zerg speed boost on Creep.

Adahn said...

It seems that Drones are excluded from the speed boost, however, according to the SC Wikia at least.

It might make more sense if the Creep provided an speed boost to Drones only, and actually slowed down all non-Zerg ground units by just a little bit.

Remains to be seen how everything plays out during the Beta, though :)

KEVIN said...

This could have some potential if it somehow changes how you would play the race (as it does in WC3, with each race essentially having a strength and weakness in their harvesting with Night Elves having slower wood production but an unlimited amount of it, etc. . .) If a couple of things came into play, such as Protoss not having to, say, have a Nexus nearby it could make the Protoss easily expandable since you could set up bases without needing a Nexus, just some Pylons. With the Terrans being able to carry, say 9 minerals instead of 8, you wouldn't need as many SCVs, and with Drones, you get essentially the same thing (if it takes an average of 2 seconds per mineral load, if you decrease that to 1.8 seconds then you have essentially the same effect.) Since these two are the same thing, I'd suggest that the Zerg keep the speed boost and the Terrans have an SCV that mines slightly better (not as good as the Zerg upgrade) with a more powerful attack and armor (this fits with the Terrans being highly mobile and would allow for SCVs to defend the base better). I would also make these differences a Tier 1-1 1/2 upgrade in order to cancel out the potential for the Zergling rush an the Protoss being able to set up multiple bases without having to spend money on extra buildings and a Terran SCV rush.

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