a Minimal, Translucent UI

I don't know if Blizzard have already considered this, but that "control bar" at the bottom of the screen takes up too much space and it could look a lot better if it was semi-transparent.

It'd also be a lot less cluttered if specific sub-panels were shown only when they're relevant; i.e. there shoud be no UI panels for command-buttons or unit statistics unless you have a unit selected. but if that proves to be too confusing, as in panels appearing over previously-accessible units, maybe it should be made into an explicit toggle, with some hotkey to turn the panels off and back into view at the user's will.

Here's a guess at how the UI might possibly be improved:
Adahn's SC2 Mini-UI Mock-up

booger from StarCraftWire.net had an idea of a more rearranged interface:
booger's SC2 Mini-UI Mock-up

In the end, it might be best for both Blizzard and the players to have an "officially" (as in, without resorting to unsupported and possibly illegal hacks) modifiable user-interface for everyone to customize according to their own tastes.


stup said...

i disagree with the semi-transparent thing

KEVIN said...

I don't mind the tool bar being large because when you get those things too small, it can be difficult to differentiate things, but I like the semi-transparent idea in theory, but don't think it would work. I'm constantly wishing I had a bigger screen area in SC1, but that toolbar is in the way. So, as long as I'm able to see what's going on down there AND am able to access units and such in the toolbar area I'd love it. However (and this is maybe the reason they haven't done it) if there were a bunch of units in the lower right hand corner of the toolbar, right where the action buttons are, and I could not highlight them, because the toolbar was in the way. This is likely to happen because how is the computer to know that I'm trying to click on a unit instead of clicking a button. The default would be that when a unit is in that corner, or anywhere in the toolbar, you would not be able to interact with said unit or area of the map even though you could see it. I would be frustrated because I would have to alter my screen position in order to use units I can already see. In an RTS, if it's on the screen I should be able to interact with it in some way. Throwing units I could see but not interact with at me would mess with how you played and make the game far less enjoyable. I don't see that issue being resolved because it is more important to be able to easily and quickly access the toolbar than to have an extra inch and a half of screen. Good idea though.

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