Custom Unit Ideas: Protoss

Some crazy ideas for units to make with the SC2 Editor, mostly taken from a very old thread on the Battle.net forums before SC2's announcement.

not to be taken [too] seriously :p

The "Reborn" - Champions of the reunifaction of Dark Protoss & the Aiur survivors, tentatively adopting the use of small arms from their new Terran friends, they spearhead the effort to assasinate Duran & any awakened Hybrids...

  • Temporary Cloaking that uses up energy, like the Terran Ghost.
  • attack air units.
  • attack ground units with their melee blades only, like the Zealots, preferring the "valor" of engaging in hand-to-hand combat.
  • can unleash a Psionic Blast when at maximum energy, kind of like a weaker version of the Terran Battlecruiser's Yamato Cannon, but with a small radius of splash damage.

Conceived by Zeratul to aid in tracking Duran & utilizing the thinned-out Protoss forces more effectively...

  • A permanently-cloaked building that can Recall units, like the Arbitter.
  • Detector.


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