An ancient SC2 speculation and fan-fiction thread

So, this was way back in 2005, during when I think Blizzard was going to announce a new project, and everyone here got rabid that it might be StarCraft 2, and then Blizzard trolled us royally with ..whatever it was, I forget.

but anyway, for your reading pleasure here’s the
Epic SC2 Speculation Thread!

I was posting as SexecutioneR-69 (I know, I know) then, and this was a bit of fan fiction and some ideas for an entirely new 4th race based on nano-robotics.
These 18 or so pages are in .MHT format, which may be viewed with Internet Explorer or Opera, and they preserve the look of the Battle.net forums exactly as it was back then.
Please take some time to check this out, and if you're one of the people who posted in it, give a holler here!