Custom Unit Ideas: Terran

Some crazy ideas for Terran units to make with the SC2 Editor, mostly taken from a very old thread on the Battle.net forums before SC2's announcement.

not to be taken [too] seriously :p

Zeus Cannon
Being on the run & not as organized anymore to effectively use the cumbersome & dicey nuclear missiles, James Raynor authorizes the reallocation of their radioactive stockpiles into a more readily accessible superweapon...

  • A giant, immobile, cannon that, at maximum energy, releases a searing beam of energy, which can tear across the entire map, unless hitting terrain, or a unit or building that it cannot completely destroy.
  • should damage ground units only? not sure
  • The direction can be specified when building, but permanently fixed thereafter.

cant think of any more..man the Terrans have got pretty much everything covered already >_<


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