suggestion: AMM Rematches

Hypog@Lordaeron from the Battle.net Forums had this great idea to make rematches more convenient;

After a game arranged by the Anonymous Matchmaker, it'd be useful to allow a rematch if all players agree. This will allow people who had a good match to play again immediately, as well as give the opportunity to adapt one's strategy according to one's opponent. This would encourage a greater variety of strategies since the same tricks aren't as likely to work a second time.

If the players split matches, they may even have the option of going for a third, making it a best 2 out of 3 set. Again, only if all players agree to the third match.

All of this would work best if the players are taken to a post-game channel immediately following each game where they can chat as they review the stats (and maybe even watch a replay together) before deciding on whether to have a rematch or not.

This could be implemented as a separate "Rematch" button next to the usual AMM button after you've come back into the chatrooms after having finished a game. That button would last as long as all the participants from the previous game have not begun playing any other games.

Sounds great, but could be abused for setting up "rigged" matches, what do you think?


Flopjack said...

Excellent flippin' idea and one that should be in RTS ages ago. I've often wondered why a feature like this doesn't exist in big name RTS as it's simply time consuming and sometimes a pain to re-organize the same party with the same teams in the same spots on the same map while trying to get teams sorted, the right people in the game... etc.

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