suggestion: Map Flags & In-Game Clock

These could help a lot in planning strategy with your teammates:

  • In-Gam​e Clock
The​re's already a few "add-ons" for Brood War which display the elapsed time on-screen. If this were a built-in feature of the SC2 UI, you could use it to coordinate tactics with your team, like say, "attack at 3:00," and so on.

In 1 vs. 1 melee games, it could also be helpful in gauging your own progress, or estimating your opponent's, like getting a Spawning Pool earlier than you did last time, or knowing by when a certain player would have Cannons up, stuff like that.

  • Map Flags
Thi​nk of these as a permanent Ping. You could CTRL+SHIFT+LEFTCLICK (or any other combination) on the Minimap to flag that position with a small number displayed in your color. Each time a player on your team Flags the map, the number would increment.

These flags could optionally be visible on the main view as well, as maybe a translucent marker, and you'd use them in combination with the In-Game Clock to plan out your team strategy to a precise degree.

So, instead of having to ping on the Minimap all the time, which can be easily missed in the heat of battle, you'd just Flag the map once and say like, "Set up a choke at 1 while I attack from 2," and so on.

Hashasu@USEast from the Battle.net Forums says that there is already enough precision and Build-Order memorization with Supply #s, and sense of game-timing is a valid skill people should learn, so maybe the Clock could be a feature for Team Games only?


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