The Colossus Solution: Dual Attack Modes

Over the course of SC2's development we've seen several units go through a variety of attack types, most notably the Colossus, which has being unable to decide between a "sweeping" laser attack and the laser "spray" attack...
Well, both attacks look pretty awesome, and it'd be a shame to drop one of those in favor of the other.

I'm aware that the Colossi's attack always did splash damage, but it didn't make sense for their targets to receive damage at the same time before the laser had time to glide over them, so they changed it into an instant burst of multiple lasers.

It'd be a lot more cool to have some sort of toggle-switch for the Colossus, and other units, to manually change their mode of attack or type of weapon.

For the Colossi the options'd be something like this;

  • Focused Laser: Once the Colossus begins to attack something, you can choose a different target and the laser will "slide" towards it from the first target, highly damaging anything in its path. This provides you a very precise level of control, preferable for a small group of strong units, i.e. Immortals or Tanks. A complete attack would be enough to destroy a single Crucio Tank if focused on it for its entirety.

  • Laser Burst: This will of course be the more convenient option of hitting everything around the targeted enemy in a short radius, for crowd-control effective against masses of weaker, faster units, i.e. Zerglings or Marines. 2 such bursts would kill a targeted Marine, and 3 would kill the Marines around it.


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